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參觀AI機械人Clearbot - Visiting Open Ocean Engineering

參觀了香港初創企業Open Ocean Engineering ,致力為海洋污染問題尋找解決出路。他們研發出AI機械人Clearbot,運用AI自動收集大量從港口漂出海洋的垃圾。

Visiting the Hong Kong startup Open Ocean Engineering, which is dedicated to finding solutions to ocean pollution. They've developed an AI robot called Clearbot, which uses AI to automatically collect large amounts of trash that drifts out to sea from ports.


With the data collected by Clearbot, businesses, governments, NGOs, and even the general public can now directly track the sources of ocean garbage and work on solving the pollution problem at its source.

Clearbot Hong Kong Intro | Open Ocean Engineering Limited

Clearbot 網站:

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