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Save the Ocean 


Human-made pollution has had a serious impact on the Earth, particularly the oceans, which have become a massive dumping ground. This pollution not only threatens human survival but also has a negative impact on the growth and reproduction of marine life. Therefore, each and every one of us should take responsibility for protecting the oceans. We aim to promote the concept of "Protecting the Ocean" through online and offline activities, encouraging more people to pay attention and take action, and make contributions to the improvement and protection of the marine environment.






We are K3 and P1 students from Macao SAR and started our Design for Change project. 

DFC is the largest movement of change - by and for children.

The movement is spearheaded by a global network of passionate community leaders, social entrepreneurs, designers and educators who are committed to nurturing the I CAN belief in all children.


Through this project, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of "Protecting the Ocean" and encourage more people to take action.

Group Members:

Howard Leong (梁耀航)| Floriano Lei (李熙源)| Caspian Wong (黃敬洋)



Daniel Mui (梅峻搴)












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